Ten Reasons Why GLCMS is the Best Choice for Your Cancer Care

Ten Reasons Why GLCMS is the Best Choice for Your Cancer Care?

  1. All of our facilities have been inspected by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). An accreditation tells patients and the community at large that a facility operates at a standard they can trust. Consumers can take comfort in knowing that accreditation involves an extensive investigation of a facility or the facility’s nursing care, medication management, patient privacy protocols and safety standards. Typically, the Joint Commission holds a higher standard than state departments of health. This is standard that hospitals and medical center are held to.
  2. GLCMS has voluntarily participated in the QOPI (Quality Oncology Practice Initiative) run by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) is an oncologist-led, practice-based quality improvement program. QOPI’s goal is to promote excellence in cancer care by helping practices create a culture of self-examination and improvement. The process employed for improving cancer care includes measurement, feedback and improvement tools for hematology-oncology practices.
  3. GLCMS is an active participant in clinical trials. We are a member of Michigan Cancer Research Cancer Research Consortium. This provides access to major national cancer clinical trials that are sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Studies have proven that physicians that participate in clinical trials provide a higher quality of care even for patients who are not eligible or choose not to participate.
  4. Our office locations provide convenience for our patients and their families. Many patients will be receiving radiation therapy in addition to chemotherapy. Two of our locations (VECC and Macomb) offer radiation in the same building while our Warren location is immediately across the street from the Weber Cancer Center at St John Macomb Hospital. VECC and Macomb locations have many other physicians that treat cancer patients that will collaborate with GLCMS doctors to provide a team approach to your care. Our physicians regularly participate in a number of site specific tumor conferences. Your case can be presented where you biopsy and imaging are reviewed and confirmed. A multidisciplinary team including Medical Oncologists from GLCMS as well as surgeons and radiation oncologists will discuss the details of your case. A recommendation will be issued as a result of this presentation and discussion.
  5. There are many challenges in dealing with your illness. Health insurance issues regarding copays, deductibles and donut holes are increasing difficult to deal with under the best of circumstances. GLCMS offers financial counseling with regard to your care. This can provide invaluable assistance in getting the care that you deserve. We can help get expensive drugs, help with copays and even help with household matters affected by your illness.
  6. Our nursing staff is a dedicated group of professionals that will skillfully administer your treatment. They are also a valuable source of information and support during the course of your therapy. All nurses at GLCMS are required to take a certification test in Chemotherapy & Biotherapy every two years given by the Oncology Nursing Society. All of our nurses are certified in Basic Life Support.
  7. GLCMS has been a leader in information technology in Medical Oncology. We have been early adopters for use of the Electronic Medical Record that is specifically designed for oncology. This system provides automated checking for allergies, drug interactions and other potential medication errors. Their physicians have met the standard of Meaningful Use as defined for an approved Electronic Medical Record by Medicare. We also provide electronic access for your test results on a secure Web site called See Your Chart.
  8. Our offices provide "onsite" laboratory services for most of the commonly used lab testing. GLCMS labs have met the highest standards often associated with laboratories at a hospital. We also provide the efficiency and speed that you may not be accustomed to with a very rapid turnaround for results on test such as CBC’s. PT/INR’s, and urinalysis. Results of your tests are then made available online through our website, See You Chart. Our lab is a member of the Joint Venture for Hospital Laboratories and accredited by the Commission of Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) and certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment.
  9. Our offices provide access to other support services that you may want to take advantage in the course of your treatment. Nutritionists are available on site to meet with that can help optimize your nutritional status. The VanElslander Center has a Healing Arts Center that offers alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, massage.
  10. We provide high quality medical care in your community where you already established relationships with your primary care physicians and health care facilities you are familiar with and trust. We communicate and work with your other doctors in a team approach. There is no need to leave your neighborhood and health care network in order to receive the high quality of care for your cancer treatment.

    standards. Typically, the Joint Commission holds a higher standard than state departments of health. This is standard that hospitals and medical center are held to.